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Tribute to My Mum

June 22nd, 2018 No Comments

These were the words I spoke at my Mum’s funeral on June 21st 2018. They were written by me on behalf of both me and my sister. 

When I knew it would be me that would be speaking here today, I was somewhat nervous and perplexed. How do I fit a life time of memories in to a 2 to 3-minute tribute that would A, be fitting of mine and Lucy’s wonderful mother, & B do her justice? There are so many stories I could tell, there are so many wonderful memories from the bedtime stories as a child where mum would do all manner voices, to more recent ones, like walking back to our rooms on a beach in Thailand, not entirely in a straight line because of maybe, and I said maybe, one or two many pinna coladas served in coconuts. I could say as I grew up, our relationship became more than mother and son, she was also a friend, a friend I could talk too, and she was so easy to talk too. I think my sister could also say the same here. There are just so many things I could talk about.

But I realised as the memories and the sense of loss threated to overpower, really all I needed to say is I am able to stand here today because of our wonderful mum and dad, you both gave us life, bought me and Lucy up, taught us right from wrong and shaped us into who we are, you inspired Lucy to be the great mother she is to Tia and Esmae, and both you and dad installed principles in me that I try to live my life by, and with any luck, get the chance to install in children of my own soon.

I think I speak for both for Lucy and myself, when I say, Mum if you are listening, we are so proud to be your children, and we are so very very proud of you. Your strength and bravery this past few years has been a true inspiration. You were, quit simply put, bloody amazing. It gave me strength, enough to take the plunge and move a third of the way around the world and build a new life with my lovely wife, and I know it gave other people around you, strength.

Mum we will miss you very much, We both know a part of you will always be with us, but the overriding thing that comes to mind is to say thank you for everything you did, thank you for sticking by us even though we were not the easiest of kids, and really from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you for being our Mum.

Before I go, I would also personally like to say how proud I am of both my father and sister, whilst I have been living the high life in an exotic location, they were here, there strength has been amazing and without you guys, my wife Lemon, Lucy’s husband Rick and there wonderful daughters, my nieces, Tia and Esmae, I don’t think I would have gotten through this the way I have. Thank you, I love you all very much, and Mum we will always love you, where ever you are, hope the Champaign is flowing, you deserve it.

Thank you