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A Silly Day in Singapore

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I needed to cross a boarder for visa purposes, so we used it as an excuse to spend some time in one my favourite cities/countries in the world, Singapore. Both me an Lem love it here. Most of photos were taken at the Marina Bay Gardens looking back on the to the amazing green houses and Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel. Most of the night dusk/night shots  were taken after a very wet and stormy day. When we arrived at the back of the gardens, we walked down to the Marina Bay Barrage and the clouds parted slightly and the rain stopped. I took the opportunity I had been presented and got the drone up and shot most of the pictures plus some footage used in the video

The video is my first real attempt and short film. Most of it was shot in the same day with exception of the dusk/night footage which had been shot the day before. Although its a short video, it was about 20 hours of cutting and learning to get it to the point you see. Hope you like.