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The K Spot

Mr Keithy's
Absolutely Marvelous Drone Adventures

Since I was young, I have been obsessed with just about anything that can fly. I learnt to fly small aircraft at school and got into flight sims when I could not get in to a cockpit. I even started out as a aircraft engineer before deciding that I did not do cold hangers for 12 hours a day. Yet even this did no quell my obsession. A few years ago when people had no idea what drones were, a french company called Parrot bought a product to the market called the AR Drone. I remember seeing it for the first time in the pages of stuff magazine and knew I had to have one. Several months later, I got one and never looked back.

Today parrot kind of fell by the wayside, they still make drones, but these days its all about DJI, well its about DJI if you want to do aerial photography/videography at a consumer level. I have owned several DJI drones including the Spark, my first proper drone. I am lucky enough to also own a Mavic Pro which I love. These pages show just a little of what I have achieved with this marvellous bit of tech.