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Just Who is This Mr Keithy Esq Anyway?

Hi I am Keith, Keithy or to the likes of my Bank Manager Mr Keithy. I am self-confessed geek and film buff and I have been found with my nose in the odd comic book on more one occasion. It has been said I collect the odd Spiderman series, but that’s just rumors…

I am an IT Sys Admin by trade, but I also dabble in the world of Graphic and Web design. I have done various bits of online creative work for several business and charities, so I thought it would be a good idea to get an online portfolio to show some of my work.

Like many, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t hear of something that either winds me up to the point I start jumping up down like a loony toon, or just something that I find interesting and want to discuss with the rest of the world, namely you. I love to write and for this reason I decided to get a blog going.

Having the need for both a online portfolio and blog, it occurred to me to combine them in one site. So here it is. My hope is that this site will show off some of my work and that my blog will make people, laugh, think and inform. So please relax and take a look round.

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